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Form Requirements: Adobe Acrobat Reader 9.3 or higher.
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Purpose and Intended Use:

Designed for persons who host or provide pony parties and/or petting zoos.

Included Documents:

  • Comprehensive contract between the event host and the contractor providing the pony party and/or petting zoo.
  • Stand-alone liability release for youth participants.
  • Stand-alone liability release for adult participants.
  • Detailed section-by-section instructions for each document in the package.

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Document Format:

  • Fillable PDF, allowing you to type in information on your computer, then print out and save the filled-in documents.
  • Designated space at the top of each page for your business name (optional).
  • PDFs are accessible with Adobe Acrobat Reader software, a free product.  To make sure you can take advantage of all features, especially the fillable, savable features, update your Adobe Acrobat Reader software before downloading our equine forms.

Host Contract Contents:

The Basics

Location and Time/Date

  • Can specify where pony party and/or petting zoo will be held, and who is responsible for scouting the location and reserving it.  Includes option to provide services at contractor’s location.
  • Time and Date:  Can specify time and date where services will be provided.
  • Legal and Insurance:  Can specify who is responsible for determining what the location’s requirements, if any, are for insurance, permits, etc. 

Ponies and Horses

  • Can specify how many horses and/or ponies the contractor will provide.
  • Can check off whether event guests will be able to: pet the ponies, feed the ponies treats, sit on the ponies for photos, ride the ponies while led by a handler, or ride independently.
  • Can specify whether contractor will provide safety helmets for guests.

Petting Zoo Animals

  • Can specify how many and what types of petting zoo animals the contractor will provide, with a clause stating that contractor can make substitutions at contractor’s discretion.

Payment Terms

  • Provisions for deposit, including terms for refund (if applicable).
  • Suggested price list (optional - contractor can substitute its own price list).
  • Can specify payment methods accepted by contractor.
  • Provisions for interest and late fees on past due payments.
  • Fees for returned checks and other dishonored payments.

Cancellation Policy

  • Notice required for cancellation or rescheduling.
  • Terms for refund of deposit (if applicable).
  • Provisions for schedule and location changes.
  • Provisions for weather delays and cancellations.


  • Contract requires event host to obtain liability releases from guests in advance of event and provide signed releases to contractor.
  • Event host agrees to indemnify contractor if contractor is sued by a guest or third party in connection with the event.
  • Contractor’s liability limited to amount paid by host to contractor.

Liability Release Contents:

  • Separate release forms for youth and adult guests
  • Specific provision for helmets and safety attire
  • Specific provision for trail riding
  • If a third party, such as an insurance company or a family member, sues the contractor and/or host in connection with the guest, the guest (or, in the case of youth guests, the guest’s parent) has to pay for the contractor’s and/or host’s legal defense

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