2015 Foal Photo Contest

Is Your Baby a Star?

Enter Equine Legal Solutions' 2015 Foal Photo Contest Now!

It's the event you've been waiting for! Equine Legal Solutions is excited to announce the start of our annual Foal Photo Contest!

Showcase your 2015 babies in our online contest. There are four categories you can enter:

  • Cutest Foal

  • Most Colorful

  • Most Personality

  • Best Action Shot

Entries will be posted on the ELS website through July 31st – voting will begin the August 1st and end at midnight on August 15th.

The top 3 winners in each category will receive custom leather awards.

Is your foal for sale? If so, we'll help get the word out with sale information!

Tell all your friends and family to vote for your foal!

Click here for Contest Rules & Information

Is Your Liability Release Enforceable?

In this informative article, equine attorney Rachel Kosmal McCart discusses what she looks for when evaluating an equine liability release.

Equine Legal Solutions to Feature Reviews of Smartphone Equine Apps

*** This Week’s Review: Healthy Horse App from Horse 360***

ELS recently posted a news article to our Facebook page about a Smartphone app developed by a veterinarian to help horse owners assess their horse’s health issues. The app is an observation based app powered by a knowledge base on everything from common problems to rare diseases. It includes lists of skills, how-to videos, veterinary diagnostics, diagnoses, and treatments.

We were intrigued, so we downloaded the app and were amazed at how useful and easy to use it was. We started doing a bit of research and found that there are many equine-related Smartphone apps available. Many are free, some cost a few dollars. We decided that it might be helpful to our web page visitors if we reviewed these apps and reported back to you. And so, ELS will begin reviewing one app per week and reporting back to you on what the app can do and whether we think it is worth downloading.

So, watch for our upcoming reviews of Smartphone equine apps! Read past reviews in our App Review Archives.

Warning Signs: To Post or Not to Post?

Do I need one of those warning signs quoting my state’s equine activity statute? What signs should I post if I have a horse that bites? This new article discusses the answers to these important questions, and more.

I Bought a Horse with a Behavior Problem – Do I Have a Legal Case?

Does it matter if the buyer tried out the horse before buying it? What if the sale contract says, “as is, no warranties?” In this informative article, equine attorney Rachel McCart explains what makes a viable legal case in a situation where a buyer has purchased a horse with a serious behavior problem.

I Bought a Lame Horse – Do I Have a Legal Case?

Does it matter whether the buyer had a pre-purchase examination? What if there was no contract? How about if the horse has a chronic condition? In this informative article, equine attorney Rachel McCart explains what makes a viable legal case in a situation where a buyer has purchased a lame horse.


Do You Work with a Trainer or Instructor?

If so, please take Equine Legal Solutions’ new horse training business practices survey.

Horse Sale Practice Survey Results

What are the top three characteristics most likely to be misrepresented in a horse sale? Read the results of our horse sale practices survey and find out!

New Horse Trainer Liability Release 

We're pleased to announce the release of a new form, our Horse Trainer Liability Release. This form is designed for horse owners who want to protect themselves from potential liability associated with having a professional trainer train, ride or handle their horse. This form is to protect the horse owner in the event the trainer is injured or killed when working with their horse. The trainer agrees that they are an equine professional with sufficient skill to train, ride and handle the owner’s horse, and that they have examined the place where the training will take place and determined that it is safe. As with all of our forms, customers who purchase this form will be entitled to free lifetime updates. Preview the new Horse Trainer Liability Release.

Updated Broodmare Lease Agreement

We're pleased to announce the release of an updated version of our popular Broodmare Lease Agreement. Version 2.0 is a complete redesign of our old form and is now formatted in a single file on our brand-new forms template. The new version includes (among many other improvements): A vet check option; detailed expense and payment options; expanded risks and hold harmless clauses; detailed term and termination criteria; and the ability to customize the contract by using different optional attachments. Our customers who have purchased this package in the past will receive a complimentary copy of the new package, and other interested parties can preview the new package.

Customized Contracts Available at a Fixed Price

In response to popular demand, Equine Legal Solutions now offers customized equine contracts at a fixed price of $750.00.  The price includes two drafts of your contract, and up to two hours of consultation by phone or email.  If you have already purchased one of ELS’ form contracts and would like to customize it to better fit your specific needs, ELS is always happy to credit the forms purchase price toward your new customized agreement.  For more information, or to get started on your new equine contract, please  contact ELS.

Wizard Tool Makes Forms Selection Easy

Our new forms selection wizard helps take the guesswork out of selecting the right equine form. Just answer a few simple questions, and the forms wizard will help you select the right horse contract for your needs. Try the wizard now!


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