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Rachel Kosmal McCart is a frequent contributor to equine publications. As her schedule permits, Ms. McCart happily provides articles for equine publications at no cost, as well as interviews and quotations for authors and news reporters. To contact Ms. McCart about contributing to your equine publication, please Contact Us.

Previous Contributions

Print Publications

“Of Blogs and Blawgs: OWLS Members Who Blog” (quoted) – Yumi O’Neil, Oregon Women Lawyers’ Advance Sheet, Summer 2010

“To Lease or Not to Lease?” – Equine Wellness, May/June 2010

“When You Don’t Own” (quoted) – Stephanie Stephens, Stable Management, April 2010

“Unattended Children at Boarding Stables” – Apples ‘n Oats, Winter 2009

“Deadbeat Clients: Should Horses be Held Hostage?” – Flying Changes, October 2009

“Tot Gespritz” (quoted) – Nadja Fischer, Reiter Revue International, July 7, 2009

“Making a Haul…Legally” (quoted) – Stephanie Stephens, Stable Management, June 2009

“Your Rights: A Bill of Sale Should Protect Both Parties” (quoted) – Chandra Andrew, Paint Horse Journal, November 2008

“Mail Call” – Horse & Rider, March 2007

“Maximizing Mares” (quoted) – Christine Hamilton, The Quarter Horse Journal, January 2007

“Athlete’s Village: Horse Show Stabling Liability” – The Horse Show Review, September/October 2006

“Busted! Secret Profit-Taking” – Paso Fino Horse World, May 2006

Internet Publications

Regular equine legal Q&A column on Central Oregon Trail Horse

Regular equine legal Q&A column on The Bay Area Equestrian Network

Regular equine legal Q&A column on RateMyHorsePro.com

“Ask the Pros” equine legal Q&A column on Pleasurehorse.com

You Can't Say That! What Horse People Need to Know about Slander, Libel & Defamation on Western Horse Online

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