Our Forms Guarantee

We are proud of our forms, and we stand behind them.  While most of our customers are thrilled with their purchase (see what customers are saying about our forms), we understand that it is not possible to please everyone all of the time, and that is why we offer a limited, money-back guarantee.

If You are Dissatisfied with a Form  

We ask only that within two weeks of your purchase, you tell us why you are dissatisfied (in a reasonable amount of detail). Feedback from our customers helps us improve the quality of our forms, which is why we want to know why you are dissatisfied.  If it appears that you might misunderstand the formís content, we ask that you give us an opportunity to answer your questions and help you use the form.  If you are still dissatisfied, we will refund your purchase price in full.

If You Have Difficulty Downloading a Form

Generally, our customers find that downloading our forms is quick and hassle-free.  But sometimes, because individual email and systems differ so much, a customer will need our technical support.  If you buy a form from us, we will make sure you receive it.

If You Order a Form and Want to Make Changes

When designing our forms, we try very hard to include options that allow our customers to tailor the forms to their individual needs. However, you may have a transaction or situation that is relatively unique, and therefore, our forms may not meet your needs exactly as written. For those customers, we are always happy to credit your forms purchase price toward a customized agreement. Contact us to schedule a phone consultation to discuss creating a document tailored to your individual needs ($75 consultation fee will be credited to the cost of your customized form.) You can even use the form for a while to see how it works for you and then have us create a customized agreement as your business grows.


Why you canít make changes to the text of the form without our help.

What Customers are Saying About Our Forms





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