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Purpose and Intended Use:

Equine legal forms designed for horse trainers. Designed for use by trainers who take clients’ horses in for training as well as trainers who travel to other facilities to train clients’ horses.  Includes provisions for providing riding instruction to training clients.  Is not designed for lesson-only situations – see Equine Legal Solutions’ Riding Instructor Forms Package 

Included Documents:

Document Format:

  • Fillable PDF, allowing you to type in information on your computer, then print out and save the filled-in document.

  • Designated space at the top of each page for your business name (optional).

  • PDFs are accessible with Adobe Acrobat Reader software, a free product.  To make sure you can take advantage of all features, especially the fillable, savable features, update your Adobe Acrobat Reader software before downloading our equine forms.

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Horse Training Client Intake Form Contents:

  • Client’s name and contact information. 

  • Horse’s name and identifying information.

  • Client’s training goals for the horse.

  • Horse’s training history (if any).

  • Horse’s competition history (if any).

  • Horse’s current physical condition and fitness level.

  • Horse’s current feeding program.

  • Contact information for client’s veterinarian and farrier.

  • Client’s riding, horse ownership and competition experience.

  • Whether client has any physical limitations or other special considerations.

  • Client’s consent to a credit check (optional).

  • How client heard about the trainer (referral, advertising, etc.).

Horse Training Contract Contents:

Basic Provisions

Client’s Representations to Trainer

  • Client is the horse’s sole lawful and registered owner (or, if not, client has written authorization from all owners to enter into the training contract).

  • Client provides trainer with information about horse’s health, soundness and behavioral history (optional).

  • Client is at least 18 years old.

  • Client doesn’t have any physical or mental conditions that might prevent them from safely riding and handling horses.

  • Client isn’t under the influence of drugs or alcohol, nor will they be at any time during lessons.

Training Program Options

  • Trainer can require initial evaluation period (optional).

  • Trainer can describe the different training program(s) they offer as well as pricing and extra services.

  • Trainer can require client’s participation in training program (optional).

  • Trainer can specify where the client must keep the horse during training, including boarding information (optional).

  • Trainer can specify competition requirements (optional).

  • Trainer can specify equipment, such as tack or blankets, that client is required to buy or provide (optional).

Liability Releases and Disclaimers

  • Trainer disclaims all warranties and offers client no guarantees.

  • Client assumes all risks that they will be injured or killed, and agrees not to sue trainer or facility owners. Includes specific provision for trail riding and other forms of riding outside an arena.

  • Client assumes all risks that personal property, such as tack and equipment, will be lost or damaged. Agreement specifically states client is responsible for insuring their own personal property.

  • Client agrees to accept all risks that horse will be injured or killed. Agreement specifically states client is responsible for insuring their own horse.

  • Specific liability release for trainer hauling horse.

  • Trainer recommends ASTM/SEI certified helmet and other safety attire, and if client doesn’t wear it, client agrees to assume increased risk that client will be injured or killed. (Why agreement doesn’t require helmets and other safety attire.)

  • If trainer or facility is sued by a third party in connection with the client, such as the client’s health insurance company, the client agrees to indemnify the trainer/facility and pay for their legal defense.

  • Client agrees that trainer’s and facility’s total liability won’t exceed what client paid to trainer.

  • Client agrees to pay for any damage caused by the client, their horse, or their guests.

Suggested Fee Schedule

  • Trainer can use included suggested fee schedule or substitute their own.

  • Includes customizable options for training programs and prices.

  • Includes customizable options for competition-related fees.

  • Includes customizable options for commissions on horse sales, purchases and leases.

Payment Terms

  • Trainer can specify when training fees and other fees are due.

  • Trainer can specify when payment will be considered late, and charge late fees and interest on past due balances.

  • Trainer can specify fees for returned checks and other dishonored payment instruments.

  • Trainer has automatic lien on horse if client doesn’t pay. If client doesn’t pay within a certain time period (trainer can specify), trainer automatically owns horse and can sell it or give it away.

Term and Termination

  • Trainer can specify the term of the training contract – i.e., month-to-month or for a fixed time period.

  • Trainer can specify notice required for termination.

  • Client can’t remove horse until trainer is paid in full. If client doesn’t pay within a certain time period (trainer can specify), trainer automatically owns horse and can sell it or give it away.

Authorization for Medical Treatment

  • Client agrees that instructor can seek medical treatment in an emergency, and client agrees to pay for medical treatment, regardless of whether client’s insurance covers the cost.

Equine Insurance

  • Client (not trainer) is responsible for insuring horse.

Training Client Exit Form Contents:

  • Client specifies when horse will be picked up and by whom.

  • Client signs off on horse’s condition.

  • Client agrees that they have all their tack and personal belongings, or what is left, when it will be picked up, and by whom.

  • Client agrees what charges (if any) client owes to trainer.

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